We design, fabricate and construct new homes and transform existing ones

The Melius Homes way


The Melius Homes team brings years of experience to the challenge of creating a bespoke home with the consistency and reliability of a manufactured product.


Our homes are built in a systematic and controlled way, with much of the fabrication undertaken in an enclosed factory environment. This approach allows us to manage the construction and assembly processes with real rigour.


Factory fabrication reduces the number of construction faults and improves the internal fit and finish of materials, built-in fittings and appliances in bathrooms and kitchens.


The same approach is applied to the vital ‘hidden’ elements - the wiring, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems - that form an increasingly important role in new, low-energy cost homes.


Bespoke for you

Building new homes 


Design led, our new homes are bespoke to meet the specific wishes of each client and address the particular requirements of each site.


Our off-site solution does not dictate the design or limit choice.


Our homes are rigourously tested for performance upon completion and a 10 year LABC (Local Authority Building Control) structural warranty provided as standard. We also offer additional reassurance with an extended 5 year warranty for all key equipment and an assured energy performance guarantee.


Transforming existing homes


Using the same robust approach to new build housing, we undertake whole-house retrofit, providing a new structural envelope and new energy systems. This approach is especially suitable for post-war non-traditional system built housing. 


In conjunction with the new envelope and energy system, full internal refurbishment works can be undertaken.


Using the Energiesprong principles developed in the Netherlands, we are also able to assure the performance of the home and offer an energy performance guarantee.



Flexibility by design


Performance assured

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